With Twitter now increasing their character limit to 280, I wonder if it will make a huge difference to the way Twitter is used. Certainly it will allow people to be more creative when trading insults, and allow Donald Trump to fit more... erm,  "alternative facts" into each tweet ... from that perspective you could say the chances of nuclear war have been impacted  (I wonder if Twitter considered that when weighing up the pros and cons...).

The low restriction on characters has had a large impact on the way people communicate online, in the same way that text messaging has, with people using abbreviations and emojis to convey meaning in a small number of characters. Although these restrictions no longer seems to apply in many situations where they used to, the fact that people are often typing this stuff out on a mobile device means that being able to convey things quickly is still very useful. 

From Passle's perspective, it will be quite useful for us, as it will allow us to include a bit more detail when users are sharing posts on Twitter, and we'll be able to use whole words instead of abbreviations, which looks a bit more attractive and professional.

I suspect this change will not make a huge difference to the way people actually use the platform, after all - 280 characters is still a fairly small amount of text.