This really is great news and very overdue. It seems the W3C are releasing standards that will mean we no longer have a nagging sense of guilt that our passwords are all the same. 

Quite apart from the inherent risks that having weak passwords present, the knowledge that your own failing no longer leaves you open to the abuse of valuable swathe of your life will come as a huge relief to most of us. 

Another effect of these changes will be to make services that are simultaneously web and mobile more common. Once we get used to authenticating on a different device from the one we're logging in on, it'll be much more normal to post information from one device to another for ease of use. 

For example, reading on a tablet is much nicer than on a laptop but writing is typically harder. Hence posting in either direction, within an application, to enable different tasks makes sense. 

This may be a step toward a wave of services that are no longer simply mobile-first but address all devices together to deliver the best experience.