Technology is so commonplace that today, we probably don't even think about what life was like before it. For example, we take user interfaces for granted. In fact, there are so many of them that we probably don't even think of them as user interfaces. They have almost receded into the background of our daily lives, because of their sheer ubiquity.

This article lists 35 user interfaces that changed the world. The list includes: 

  • the computer mouse, 
  • the web browser, 
  • the alphabetised index, 
  • the QWERTY keyboard, 
  • the cash machine / ATM, and many more.

Automation: the Unsung Hero

Similarly, when automation is doing what it's supposed to do - i.e. make people's lives easier (and, in the case of OmPrompt, make document processing seamless and painless) -  automation also recedes into the background, to the extent that people forget it is there. 

Much like we, as end-users, benefit enormously from these life-changing user interfaces, so do customers who use Customer Automation Management benefit from business-changing automation. It's great news for those seeking to improve the order-to-cash process and internal efficiency, because it frees up people to do what people do best: interacting with other people. It's also great news for end-users, because they'are able to get more personalised service as a result.

Customer Experience

Developing a great experience for your customers is what will give you a competitive edge.

As Coreen Merryweather, our Director of FMCG, wrote:

"The way the consumer feels about your brand has a much larger impact on customer loyalty than the effectiveness of a product. As a result, companies have turned to 'voice of the customer' solutions that capture customer opinions and preferences in order to gather, and drive home, useful strategic insights. With advancements in data mining, businesses should plan on taking this information to another level in the coming years."

The key to great customer experience is understanding what makes your customers tick, and providing them with a smooth buying experience. In order to do those things, you need automation and big data - then you, too, can take advantage of technology that is already changing the world, silently and ubiquitously.